Pom Pom Tree Spool Photo Holders

I need a catchier name for these little buddies. Maybe Truffula Photographia? Who knows. Anyway, I love ‘em.


I have an abundance of unframed photos scattered around my house. I always intend to frame them, it just never happens. Enter the spool photo holder. I saw the idea here:


I used a much finer saw blade than she did because my pictures were unmounted. I also didn’t saw all the way to the middle because I ran out of patience, but I intend to finish that part up soon. Luckily it’s functional as is. Halfway through, I realized it’s much easier to move the spool across the saw rather than vice versa.


I like to make pompoms, but have a hard time finding a use for them. Usually I make giant sized ones, but last night I thought I’d give some itty bitty ones a try. I got some pretty purple yarn, a tiny pom pom maker, and went to work while watching The Wire. After finishing two of them it became clear that I needed to make a pom pom tree. I gathered some twigs from the yard. 


I had intended to use some spools as twig vases (an idea I saw at Treehouse Kid + Craft) and some as photo holders. Once I made one, though, I really liked how the combo looked together. I think I’m going to line the top of the piano with these. Off to Treehouse now to stock up on spools.


Posted by edumacate